Corporation - LLC - Partnership - Proprietorship

Peter Stanwyck, California business attorney assists clients in selecting, forming, maintainingĀ and dissolving Ā business entities: C Corporation S Corporation, LLC, LLP, Pertnershipss and Sole Properieterships.


One of the decisions businesses owners must make is selecting the best business structure. In making this decision businesses take into account: limiting liability, tax consequences, efficient business organization and defining the rights and obligations of co-business owners.

Owners with less than a majority interest in a closely held business often face special challenges. This prompts the need to fully comprehend the limitations of minority ownership, and perhaps through negotiation, limit the problems of minority owners by requiring super-majorities for some business decisions.

We work with you to identify and implement the best structure, and to craft written agreements that protect your interests in balance with the needs and demands of the other parties.


We are sometimes asked to form entities in other states, typically Nevada or Delaware. Generally we think this is appropriate only in very limited circumstances and will provide such services in those circumstances. Please see blog entries for incorporation in Nevada and Deleware.

We will provide hands on representation in with assisting business owners with issues relating to their corporationā€™s Board of Directors as well as maintenance of corporate records.


We assist business clients with dissolution of a corporations or LLC


We also assist partners, shareholders and LLC members is resolving disputes with each other either through strategic counseling, coaching, negotiation or litigation.


Peter Stanwyck, Oakland lawyer and small business attorney represents small and medium sized businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, AlamedaĀ County, Contra Costa County, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Marin CountySan Francisco, Berkeley, Hayward, Fremont, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Pleasanton Castro Valley, El Cerrito