Employer Attorney - Employee and Independent Contractor Issues

The Law Offices of Peter Stanwyck represents employers in a variety employment law issues:



● What are the rules and risks pertaining hiring workers as independent contractors rather than employees and preparing written Independent Contractor Agreements.
●   Which employees may be qualified as Exempt rather than Non-Exempt and what effect those different classification have on the employment relationship.
●   Written Employment Agreements and the importance of “At-Will” employment.
●   Assisting Employers in developing and documenting appropriate vacation, sick leave, holiday and health insurance policies as well as profit sharing and ownership incentives.
●   Employee Handbooks.
●   Representing employers in claims brought before the Labor Commissioner, the EDD or in court relating.
●   Developing effective policies and strategies for avoiding wage and hor claims.


●   Complying with labor code requirements relating to overtime, lunch, breaks, tip policy, paychecks, etc.


●   Guiding employers through the process of terminating an employee.
●   Developing policies for avoiding harassment and discrimination claims and providing representation if claims are made.
● Restaurant employer tipping issues, and challenges related to breaks and lunch.








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