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Beware of Month-to-Month Commercial Tenancy - Eviction Anytime!

06 / 22 / 2012
Small Business Owners are at risk of losing their businesses when their location is subject to a month-to-month tenancy or near the end of a term lease without an option to renew.


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Nondisclosure Agreements and Small Business

06 / 19 / 2012
Small Businesses need Non-DIsclosure Agreements that are tailored to their specific needs to be used between buyers and sellers of businesses, between a business and its employees, contractors, vendors and potential partners,


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Avoiding and Resolving Partnership, Shareholder & LLC Members Disputes

06 / 03 / 2012
This Blog Article by San Francisco Bay Area Small Business Attorney, Peter Stanwyck focuses and strategies and tools for co- owners, partners, shareholders, and LLC members to avoid and resolve business disputes.


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Employee or Independent Contractor? - IRS View

05 / 19 / 2012
Independent Contractor or Employee. IRS manual used to training its agents to evaluate this issue when conducting investigations and audits.


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California Businesses Incorporating in Nevada

05 / 16 / 2012
Are you a California business contemplating becoming a Nevada corporation or LLC because of Nevada's more favorable state tax rates. Think again. If you're still doing business in California you're likely to have to register as a "foreigh" entity (meaning from another state) and apy all of the same fees foryour entity and taxes on your income. this


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Should California Businesses Incorporate in Delaware?

04 / 27 / 2012
Should a California business incorporate in Delaware rather than California. Attorney Jon Brooks write on this oft asked question.


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