Business Coaching and Consulting

For me,  coaching is down to earth, pragmatic and practical and aimed at accomplishing small or large business goals or resolving small or large issues that have been confounding you or interfering with the success of your business. Coaching necessarily begins with identifying the business goal to achieve or the problem to solve, why you think the situations exists, what help you want from me and what time frame you think you need to accomplish the outcome. I’m a coach and not a psychotherapist (for that, I can refer you to my ex-wife who is excellent), and while I likely will care how you feel, I am focused on what you want to accomplish and helping you do it.

You might be clear on what you want and what you need to do, but (think you) lack the organization and focus or you procrastinate. Together we will organize, order what needs to be done, set time frames for doing in and track your progress.

You might feel stuck inside a family/business organization where the family’s dynamic is negatively impacting the business. Together we will develop strategies for confronting when necessary and side stepping when appropriate.

You might be noticing that your business is taking in a lot of income but that you are not taking it home. We will devise strategies and actions to change that.

You may have come to believe your business is not right for you. We will spend some time looking at that and identifying what changes need to be made for your business to be right for you, or on the other hand, developing an exit strategy so that you can leave effectively and successfully.

You might be stuck on a small project like writing a difficult letter….if it doesn’t dis-empower you I might just do it for you, and free us and you to address more important projects.

I am not tied to any particular process – just to helping you get things done. I am currently or have been coaching a school owner; a gourmet food company; a retail and web retailer, restaurant owners, two émigré family owned retail businesses and a computer professional. This is apart from my business law practice and not done at lawyer rates, $200 per hour with a five hour commitment.