IPhone Photography by Peter Stanwyck

I am not a serious or trained photographer, but very much enjoy photography as a casual art form. ¬†And, with the IPhones ¬†rather remarkable camera capability always in my pocket (usually¬†in my hand) ¬†there are frequent opportunities to indulge. ¬†That coupled with an incredible array of photo Apps (I have more than 25) available my IPhone and IPad also serve as a virtual darkroom. ¬†I will include an¬†occasional photo taken with a real camera..especially of my son’s college baseball. ¬†He’s a pitcher and the IPhone just can’t freeze a 90+ per hour fastball.¬† ¬†My current favorite iphone apps are: photostudio; usketch; pic collage; artistic haiku; hipstamatic, camera+; Pano Camera; Lego; and Camera Fun.